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Hi!! I'm DARIIUS, the webmaster of this site! I actually don't like talking personal about myself online, but here are some things you can know! I'm a 19yo afro-caribbean college student, majoring in biology, I enjoy drawing, storytelling, coding, and writing. I'm not an expert at any of those, but they're my main hobbies! I really enjoy making things by my own hand, and being able to say "I made that", and this website is a huge testament to that.

When I first started out coding, I actually had like zero coding experience unless you count the Hopscotch coding app I played on obsessively when I was in sixth grade LAWL! But anyway, starting out was super initimadting for me! And I also really did not want to reach out and ask questions and be annoying, soooo I used sadgrl's layout maker to start out, and from there I studied what divs were, how to sort and order them, how to customize them, how to put in marquees, pagedolls all that jazz. From there, I eventually stopped using the layout and crafted out my home page! From there, I made a cute launch page and just began making new pages from there. I don't consider myself an expert at coding at all, but I'm happy to call myself a webmaster! I'm very proud of what I have accomplished so far, and looking at my website makes me so insanely happy!! I hope to help make it flourish one day with lots more pages :)

Well back to me I suppose. Besides my hobbies, I have two major interests: Super Mario and Jojo's Bizzare Adventure! Yes, there may be franchises (i.e Cookie Run, Play It Cool, Guys, Mashle, Ace Attorney) that come and take up my attention and time and love, or even seemingly threaten my interest in these two, but at the end of the day, I always end up running back to these two franchises specifcially. I'll go into way more detail about how I got into both in their respective pages in my favs section, but for now:

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has been my genuine favorite anime ever since 2019-2020, and probably the first time I've ever felt "attached" to an anime. Unlike other fans, I started it out of order since I didn't know what the parts meant and I was pretty dumb. I read all of Part 7, Steel Ball Run, first and LOVED IT! I was hooked, the characters were charming, funny, lovable and I felt like I really understood them. After that, I went back to part 1 and binged the whole anime! I had never loved a series more in my life, and JJBA was so beautifully written to my 15yo brain. I thought DIO was one of the sickest villains ever, and I loved him so badly alongside the unique protagonists for each part. I loved each of their unique personalities, how their stories progressed, everything, except part 5, I hated part 5 and still do. I skip a few episodes in certain parts when I rewatch JJBA like certain Stardust Crusaders episodes, but I skip over Golden Wind entirely lawl. Other than that, JJBA is one of my favorite things in the world, and I could go into even crazier detail (and will!) about it.

Now, Super Mario. I'm not sure entirely what suddenly jumpstarted my love for SMB, but I know it began early 2022! I had already known about Mario (duh, who didn't) since I was like a baby playing on the family GameCube and Wii. One of the most memorable games in my childhood was Super Mario Bros Wii. and WarioWare Inc. because it was the perfect number of multiplayer slots for all my siblings and I to play together! Nowadays, I enjoy playing Super Mario Odyssey, Mario + Rabbids, and Mario Wonder. Super Mario just holds a deep spot in my heart and genuinely love thinking about the characters and their relationships. Mario and Luigi are one of my favorite brother duos ever, they genuinely love and care for each other and anyone who says otherwise is lying! Mario does not hate Luigi, and Luigi does not hate Mario! They are brothers!! They'd do anything for each other!! I'd say more about the other characters, but this would get too long and should be reserved for my Super Mario page, so in the meantime, please check out this artist, KonfettiKlown! It is one of my favorite SMB artists, ever and deserves all the love you can give, even just a follow!

That's all I really have to say I suppose, thank you for reading! If there's any more you want to hear from me, my email and guestbook are always open :P!!

wubbadubbadubba is that true? 🎤

Fav Movie?

right now? they cloned tyrone :)

Fav Food?

ummm anything savory i think, maybe spaghetti

Fav Game?

okay don't act surprised buttttttttt...

Fav Show?

i don't often watch tv, maybe abbot elementary or crime scene kitchen

Fav TF2 Character?

umm spy.. no, i choose soldier..

Fav Pokemon?

my baby tarountula :P

Fav Color?

pink? i think it's pink but i like blue since every variation of it looks goood unlike other colors and i also like to wear beige/tan/brown since it goes with like every other color

Fav Animal?

fox because thats the animal i defaulted to in animal jam every time

Fav Club Penguin NPC?

DJ Cadence!!!!!!!!

Fav Regi?

Registeel or Regieleki, i couldnt choose between sawry

Fav Starters Character?


Mario or Luigi?

ohhhhhhhhhhhh.... hmmm..... mario, though if you asked me when i was like 10 it would be luigi since my sister always chose mario to play as

Fav Super Mario Princess?

princess peach, i always wanted to be her when i was younger and her dress is cooler than rosalina's

Fav Super Mario Villian?

King boo easily... i have a need to study him

Fav Jojo Character in Each Part?

ooghh horrible quastion but i will answer..... episode 1 dio for part 1 but if overall, then speedwagon. part 2 goes to joseph easily sawry. part 3 oh god... i cant choose avdol or polnareff and leave the other out, so im choosing daniel d'arby, sorry hol horse.... part 4 goes to chef trussardi. emporio wins part 6 easily but jolyne is like right behind him. and i can barely remember whos in part 7 so ummmm. johnny :)

Fav Jojo?

johnathan hes the most likeable to me :3

Fav Jojo Part?

Diamond is Unbreakable and Stardust Crusaders have been duking it out for first place for years, but DIU is probably winning so sorry

Childhood Toy?

this thang

Fav Pokemon Game?

scarlet and violet since its the first pokemon game ive ever beaten fully, i was too dumb to beat the earlier ones i had access too LOL

Mario Kart Setup?

metal mario and the animal crossing scooter with the plane parachute

Fav Ace Attorney Character?

bobby fulbright or will powers or natsume soseki or rei membami or reiten menimemo sorry had to put him in there

Excluding Jojo, Fav Anime?

i dont watch a whole lot of anime outside of jojo, but i did like buddy daddies, golden kamuy and zombieland saga :)

Fav Ace Attorney Couple?

DALEY AND EVIE VIGIL BABY, NOTHING BEATS IT!!!!!!! or pat and roly beate they were adorable too

Fav Pokemon Type?

bug or steel... neither of which eevee has an evolution for... tch.. *kicks rock*

Fav Stand?

Silver Chariot FOREVERRRR BABY!!!! i stay loyal

What do you use to draw?

Medibang on my phonesies

Fav Animal Crossing Villager?

Gaston!!! i think he's funny, i have him in my camp on ACPC and i've been trying to get him on my island in ACNH but he hates me *tearing up*

Fav Sonic Character?

espio and knuckles

Fav OC?

i love all my ocs equally and to even ask me such a question is kind of insulting to think i could posibly choose a favorit- Joseph.

Fav Mario + Rabbids Rabbid?

THIS IS HARDDDDD OOOOOH i genuinely love them all so much, they all have a bit of character that makes them so lovableeeee OKAYYYY um maybe edge, i rlly like her design and every time she's on screen i smile :)

Mario + Rabbids Team?

I KNOWWW that i'm supposed to like switch out characters depending on the circumstances in each level so i can utilize each other powers but i can't help myself sorry, i will consistently use luigi, rabbid mario and rabbid luigi even if it fs me over. i'm too used to sending out rabbid mario to do insane damage and then having luigi take out any nearby enemies (or if it's a small, flat level, then... i just end up having him do nothing LOL, a waste of a character slot but i can't help myself), and then i give rabbid luigi a spark depending on the enemies so he can do some good spread damage too or if necessary i'll give him the ooze or gust spark that does area damage

Fav Mario & Luigi Game?

I've only played one M & L game so far and it was Superstar saga SORRYY LOL, i'm currently playing partners in time, but i just don't have it in me to finish, i'm kinda bored SIGH

Fav Super Mario Power-Up?

The propeller, easily. what even beats that

Fav Cookie Run Characters?

Cappy :) (cappucino cookie), then butterbear cookie, then langue de chat cookie, then potato cookie, then almond cookie, and milk cookie, and uhhh lollipop cookie and umm thats it yay!!

Fav JJK character?

*twirling my hair* hiiiiiiii nanami, and choso too i like him too :)

Fav Play It Cool, Guys character?

*sighs lovingly* Mima Takayuki ♡

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