Dear Mario,


LOOK AT MY LITTLE BUDDY WAAAAAAAAA SHE CAME IN TODAY UNEXPECTEDLY AND MADE MY DAY!!!!! I LITERALLY GOT HER TRACKING NUMBER LIKE TWO DAYS AGO AND SHE'S HEREEEE!!!!! gonna buy some takeout and rewatch my fav episodes to feel better since today was kinda shitty and lame plus it rained LMFAO what a day!


Unfortunately, they weren't kidding, going outside and talking to friends really DOES make you feel better or at least me LOL! Felt just awful and nihlistic the past few days, and one nice outing had me remembering why I ended up like that, and feeling hopeful! I've even thought of some solutions to some issues I've been dealing with. yay! Also, trying to stress myself out less on here! I deleted my tumblr because I hated the expectations I was forcing upon myself (drawing more fanart in favor of likes and reblogs instead of oc content), and well now, I'm doing it again here, except the audience is invisible XD!! I keep second guessing stuff I wanna upload like am I being cringe rn... WHO CARES!!!!! This is my site omfg... I can do what I want forever. Doesn't help that weird drama keeps happening here, usually I wouldn't care because I have profiles like those blocked or I don't even follow them in the first place, but now I'M getting followed by those annoying sites and it's like??? At least on tumblr, weird drama was confined to fandoms and I never joined any, and they weren't following ppl to get attention omfg... what a place this is! I'll just hide my profile again if it gets really annoying I suppose LAWL whatever I'm going to draw Mario again, she makes me so happy and I miss him a lot. Also, it's pride month so yay! Everyone say happy pride month to Mario :3!!!


okkkkk reminder to switch from guestbook i think? apparently its shutting down WAAA, also reminder to archive my guestbook page when i get up.. id put this in my updates on my home page but i have this open rn and im lazy LOL!! also reminder to update neighbor page when i open medibang... now closing neocities for peace of mind of whatever is going on that doesnt involve me, love and peace in the world for me forever hart


thoughhhh on better news, im going to watch wind breaker :3!!! ive been needing something new to watch ever since i finished mashle, speaking of which reminds me i need to recode my fav movies/shows page so i can add my thoughts on it SPOILER: I LOVED IT XD


devsis when i catch you for this 😑


a bad bitch stays looking towards the future!! and an ugly one will seethe in the swamp, shout out to the queen, the stallion, for teaching me that one!


whoever wrote (Order!) Cookie Court of Justice: The Final Verdict! Chapter Strange Suspiscions 1 needs their PAYYYYYYYYMENTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! good lord theres no other writing like it, u wouldnt get it, its like the recreation of the alexandrias library or whatever to me, its art. cappuccino cookie does what miles 'unneccsary feelings' edgeworth COULD NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



kinda really want to change themes around here now that my mario fixation is winding down but its gonna be such a pain in the ass LOL... and i rlly like my princess peach diary page but idk, like i like the theme but theres a monkey in my brain itching to change things up and i still have to set up my oc pages WAGH nightmare nightmare....


girls when they have to relearn code because they took a two month break from coding ← sobbing, not rlly but you know!!!! I do have plans to update things around here, still really like my site hehe so thats nice!! ^__^ 100% going to work on my oc page, I know how to revamp it, but idk if my plans are possible with html and css but we ball so okay!!! Feel like I missed the time to make my layout cute and wintery, but I updated it anyway, I like it :3!! ok bye now


b4 i forgot since im on the subject, i will say that as much as i like neocities for the oppurtunities to make my own site, one thing i do nawt like at all about is the followers/following function of this whole thing. i rlly wish it was more like tumblrs functioning of followers/following and making that stuff PRIVATE!!!

i feel like follower counts is one of the biggest reasons that makes social media upsetting to use and just kind of sucks that neocities also has it. i dont mind following and people following me, i love that! i just dont like it being on display and seeing others on display too, especially that new follower message that sits on the top of EVERY SINGLE neocities page 😭 even twitter didnt have that girl CMON!

i know i can turn off my neocities profile and just have my site, but thats not what i want rlly :/, i enjoy commenting on pages and seeing who follows me and following people, its just like i said, i wish it was private like how tumblr has it set up, so it feels like everyone is on an even ground. probably my one and only gripe with neocities SIGHHH oh well, ill probably figure out one day how to hide it personally with a firefox add-on or something, its just something i heavily dislike and forgot when i was busy praising neocities LOL


ok well i lied, i guess ill use this RAAAAA instead of posting my thoughts on tumblr maybe idkkkkk. i just dont want this my poor code to go to waste, but i just dont see myself using this as a diary often hmmm...... ok i might use it like a blog and post my writings here i suppose hm okay! but anyway im watching jumanji, the one with dwayne johnson LOL! just had to complain somewhere how angry i am over how much the "modern web" sucks massive dick -_____-

idk if i get to say i grew up with the old web like i mean, i never used skype or myspace or uhhh.. *glancing at smudged ink on hand* vine........... i didnt even know what myspace was until i got around more neocities communities and ppl kept mentioning it, so i do feel a bit silly every now and again on my site since its not like i understand the nostalgia others have for the old web BUTTTTT i do understand the upset ppl have for modern web.

i use to be on tumblr A LOT since i was like 10 or whatever and its still my main social media of choice today, but watching it break down since then is just annoying LOL, i cant stand the site. if its not the ANNOYING as shit invasive ads on mobile, its the ugly UI or the new stupid tumblr live and the shop like WHO CARES!!!!! hold on jack blacks doing CPR T54^$%^$%&$%gfDG ok back to this, tumblr sucks balls and so does discord too.

ive used discord for a WHILE, like when classic nitro was ACTUALLY good, but now it sucks. the mobile vers. is broken, nitro sucks now like my god NO NIGGA I AM NOT paying $10 to have an icon gif, i can do that on and artfight for freesies and i refuse to update my user, discrord will have to rip that shit from my dead hands. wont even begin on twitter, any time ive used it ive had to leave since it put me in such a hateful mindset and i had to leave. it just breeds such hate and nothing but arguments, but everyone knows that LOL so who gaf.

i just feel like ever since ive started actively using neocities, and doing whatever me feels like and not being restricted by paywalls, ive realized in contrast how much social media SUCKS DICK!! and the fact that it sucks sucks tbh!! hi dwayne. i dont have a conclusion to this LOL, i just realized how restrictive and annoying social media is compared to personal sites that is all. i dont like being restricted by ugly (tumblr) social medias and i dont like being restricted by broken (discord) social medias and both (twitter) ! and i dont like those being my only options, so what i am saying is that having my own site kind of rules yippeee i can do whatever i want and put whatever i want and put up pictures of all my favorite things in the world and theres no limit to stop me ← YIPPPEEEE ok bye forever


having a blog/diary thing on here doesnt rlly interest me, but if i didnt make a princess peach letter themed diary page i was gonna implode so here we are

Sincerely, Peach {

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